Artist Statement:

We need socio-political change for the survival of the human species.  The burden of creating change is thrust onto the individual while, for the most part in the larger global industry, it is business as usual. I make artworks that speak to an impending dystopia, hoping to spark a dialogue about the consequences of global climate change. By sourcing materials from objects that have lost their value, I highlight a linear production system resulting in waste.


There is transcendent potency in creativity that is able to bring abstract societal issues into a more concrete, understandable form. I encourage the viewer to become an active participant in a greater dialogue in which art can be used as a catalyst to demystify and help realize consciousness and change. By engaging in social practice, I create situations to encourage collaboration and empowerment on a local level. Community is the restructuring of human relationships; this is the starting point for creating a paradigm shift needed to find creative solutions to the problems we face.