It all started when...

Sam Ahern and Leah Blair are SCAD MFA Fibers students who create site specific and time sensitive work. This mission started as we noticed a lack of space for these experimental processes. We have converted what was once a living space into a blank slate. The space is conveniently located in the artistic Starland District and will serve as a hub/meeting place/ground zero/bunker/crash pad/safe space/or whatever needs may arise! We want this to be a true collective where the voices of all members are heard. Together we will share ideas and evolve. We aim to provide an environment that brings together all types of creatives. Through potential happenings such as workshops, community dinners and group shows, we will help expand the future of the Savannah art scene. There is a wealth of inspiring talent here in Savannah that we would like to bring together to strengthen our community.